"…employing the best technicians, tools, machines and processes, to produce exacting parts for customers in a variety of industries..."


Stainless Processing, Inc. specializes in one capability—producing custom products from stainless steel plate.

The difference is, it's all we do and we are focused on delivering customer products to their exacting specifications with fast and reliable turnaround times.

Stainless Processing, Inc. has one concern—getting the customer's job produced perfectly and delivered on time. Our company philosophy is to employ the best technicians, tools, machines and processes to produce exacting parts for customers in a variety of industries.


Stainless Processing, Inc. guarantees to utilize the highest quality materials and to observe and practice the best possible processes that produce parts of the highest quality for our customers that expect and deserve the best.


When you want the best…

Stainless Processing, Inc develops, from stainless steel plate, the highest quality stainless steel rings, discs, standard and specialty plate flanges as well as completely custom cut and machined products for specialty applications.

Stainless Processing, Inc. supplies a huge variety of end users with stainless plate products and we have for decades, continually evolving our expertise and processes. Industrial applications for our products are commonly used in the chemical, water, paper, food, environmental, heavy machinery, waste water, oil and gas and nuclear industries and, over the years, we have developed great customer relationships by providing superior products and customer service.

As Stainless Processing, Inc. has grown we've improved personnel, equipment and processes so that we can virtually fulfill any plate product request with complete accuracy and the fastest turnaround times in the industry… that's our guarantee.


Conveniently located, Stainless Processing, Inc's cutting-edge production facilities in suburban Philadelphia employ the latest innovations in water jet cutting, plasma cutting and machine cutting. Ownership is continually advancing capabilities and focuses on supporting a shop that exceeds the product production expectations of all Stainless Processing, Inc. customers.


Stainless Processing, Inc. offers competitive pricing and guaranteed turnaround times on all orders. We start each process with a review of the project and walk customers through from inventory selection to final drawing and cutting. SPI is adept at helping new buyers understand the nuances of inventory differences and we recommend the best cutting process for the product's final application.


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