SPI has one concern—getting the customer's job produced perfectly and delivered on time.


SPI specializes in working within the exacting parameters of the specifications of every industry. We offer a wide range of stainless steel plate products to meet the defined project's requirements, and the customer service to exceed customer expectations.


SPI is experienced at meeting the exacting standards of the fast paced energy industry. With a variety of critical grades always in stock, Stainless Processing, Inc. delivers stainless parts and products to help oil and gas companies excel at every stage of production.


Plate products are used in multiple applications in a variety of chemical manufacturing processes, and SPI works with customers to provide solutions for corrosion, high temperatures, high pressure and security.


Processing equipment for the food and beverage industries requires special specifications, and SPI has been providing plate products that provide resistance to corrosion—especially oxidation and sulfidation—to this market segment for years . We provide parts for all kinds of food and beverage manufacturers.


Stainless Processing, Inc. offers expertise in stainless plate product manufacturing for the nuclear industry where operating temperatures require materials with high temperature strength as well as oxidation and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel plate is used in many nuclear applications because it combines economy and necessary physical properties, as well as traceability through the entire process.


All sizes of government entities partner with Stainless Processing, Inc. to develop solutions that address specific needs and can work with conservative budgets of today's municipal economies. SPI works with buyers and project managers to recommend the best fit in material and process.


As an alloy, stainless steel is able to withstand extreme temperatures and the highest mechanical demands while remaining stable and reliable. High pressures, intense heat and excessive wear make SPI products preferable as engine parts, exhaust ducts, flanges, exhaust manifolds and more.


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